The Fort of Vallorbe is not only a military structure buried in a secret land, it is also a museum that shows the everyday life of the troop during the 1939 to 1945 mobilization.


  • An exhibition which recounts real events through the customs of Vallorbe 39-45 (photos, plans, mannequins, banners, weapons)
  • The refectory has been converted into a museum with various weapons and infantry items provided to the men who were responsible for the external defense of the fortress (diorama)
  • The dormitories of the non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and kitchen helpers are still totally equipped, with arms, uniforms and all accessories
  • Rooms for officers and senior NCOs
  • The officers mess, decorated with wood by the soldiers of the garrison
  • The telephone center, connecting the fort with all the troops in the sector
  • The company office
  • The sanitary block (operating room, dentist, infirmary) where a physician-surgeon officer is ready for any intervention Sound and light reconstruction of shooting parts (gun and submachine gun)